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NameProfessor Sheena Radford
Current InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
Current DepartmentAstbury Centre
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Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/T008059/1 Dynamic allostery of Sec machinery in protein transport and folding Principal Investigator 471,638 Research Grant
BB/V003577/1 Deciphering the function of intrinsically disordered protein regions in a cellular context Co-investigator 4,267,286 Research Grant
BB/W019485/1 A cryo-capable electron microscope for the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory Co-investigator 498,376 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
00/B1/B/06201 Probing the evolutionary pressure for fast folding using novel spectroscopic methods Principal Supervisor 37,138 Studentships
01/A1/B/07203 Understanding amyloidosis by a combination of cellular and molecular approaches Principal Supervisor 39,359 Studentships
97/B1/B/03217 Folding greek key proteins: loops, strand docking and pairwise interactions Principal Supervisor 32,558 Studentships
97/B1/E/03218 Protein engineering of Beta2-microglobulin Principal Supervisor 32,558 Studentships
99/B1/B/05194 Fast folding: new insights through novel methods Principal Supervisor 35,135 Studentships
9912375 Mechanical unfolding of proteins monitored by simultaneous laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy Principal Investigator 126,432 Research Grant
B04804 Understanding chaperone-assisted protein folding at the molecular level Principal Investigator 129,123 Research Grant
B08000 Molecular interactions during the unfolding membrane translocation and refolding of a cytotoxic protein Co-investigator 148,665 Research Grant
B08151 Beta2-microglobulin amyloid: formation inhibition and potential therapies Principal Investigator 135,896 Research Grant
B11014 Novel insights into folding mechanisms through studies of the family of bacterial immunity proteins Principal Investigator 199,736 Research Grant
B13374 The nature and importance of early events in protein folding investigated by microsec mixing experiments Principal Investigator 173,086 Research Grant
B14774 Single molecule studies of protein folding using atomic force microscopy Principal Investigator 246,936 Research Grant
B16549 AFM studies of beta-2 microglobulin amyloidosis Principal Investigator 184,448 Research Grant
B17145 Early events in immunity protein folding investigated by microsecond mixing experiments Principal Investigator 193,788 Research Grant
B18659 Structural studies of beta 2 microglobulin amyloid fibrils by cryo-electron microscopy and image processing Co-investigator 223,208 Research Grant
B18663 Conformational properties of unfolded states and folding intermediates of Im proteins determined by NMR Co-investigator 195,176 Research Grant
B18704 Solid-state NMR methods for molecular level studies of amyloid fibrils Co-investigator 151,344 Research Grant
B18705 Solid-state NMR methods for molecular level studies of amyloid fibrils Principal Investigator 78,704 Research Grant
BB/C507029/1 Mapping the complexity of protein unfolding landscapes using novel mechanical unfolding experiments Principal Investigator 258,328 Research Grant
BB/C511021/1 Robotic systems for selection purification and structure determination of novel proteins and RNA aptamers Co-investigator 113,052 Research Grant
BB/D000807/1 Total protein synthesis: a new tool for studies of the structure and stability of amyloid fibrils Co-investigator 232,578 Research Grant
BB/D010284/1 Characterisation of amyloid assembly using mass spectrometry Co-investigator 244,082 Research Grant
BB/D011191/1 Mechanical fingerprinting of individual biofibrils using atomic force microscopy Co-investigator 276,365 Research Grant
BB/D525013/1 Single molecule investigations of the mechanical chemical and structural properties of biomolecules Co-investigator 94,400 Research Grant
BB/E012558/1 Enhanced Mass Spectrometry Facilities for the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology Co-investigator 235,781 Research Grant
BB/F011105/1 A Versatile High Resolution Low Vacuum FEG SEM for the Biosciences and Interdisciplinary Research Co-investigator 232,183 Research Grant
BB/F012128/1 Unravelling the molecular basis of subunit specificity in bacterial pilus assembly mechanisms Co-investigator 397,455 Research Grant
BB/F012284/1 Unravelling the molecular basis of subunit specificity in bacterial pilus assembly mechanisms Principal Investigator 433,331 Research Grant
BB/F01614X/1 Doctoral Training Grant Principal Investigator 1,145,200 Training Grants
BB/G019452/1 Investigating E. coli cell envelope proteins and processes through colicin intoxication Principal Investigator 652,842 Research Grant
BB/H014713/1 Evolving and optimising protein stability for enhanced pharmaceuticals Principal Investigator 75,281 Training Grants
BB/H024875/1 Structure and dynamics of oligomeric intermediates in amyloid assembly Co-investigator 417,795 Research Grant
BB/I006737/1 Ensemble and single molecule analysis of protein translocation Principal Investigator 504,839 Research Grant
BB/I015361/1 Defining the mechanism of small molecule inhibition of amyloid fibril formation using ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry Co-investigator 91,932 Training Grants
BB/J011819/1 Defining the mechanisms of aberrant protein self-assembly in protein biopharmaceuticals using ESI-MS Principal Investigator 92,173 Training Grants
BB/K000659/1 Interrogating the folding and function of membrane proteins by mass spectrometry Co-investigator 498,616 Research Grant
BB/K01451X/1 Compatibility rules for glycosaminoglycan-amyloid interactions Principal Investigator 329,906 Research Grant
BB/M012573/1 Probing biomolecular interactions by combining ETD-tandem mass spectrometry with chemical footprinting methodologies. Co-investigator 341,166 Research Grant
BB/M01259X/1 In vivo selection of bioprocessable biopharmaceuticals Co-investigator 113,379 Research Grant
BB/M027953/1 Integrative structural biology for mechanisms of protein mis-folding and dysregulation: a Japan-UK partnership between Leeds and Osaka Co-investigator 51,021 Research Grant
BB/N007603/1 Unravelling BamA Function Using Fluorescence & Single Molecule Force Experiments Co-investigator 358,571 Research Grant
BB/N017307/1 Deciphering the allosteric mechanism of protein translocation through membranes Co-investigator 379,786 Research Grant
BB/P000037/1 How do ATP-independent chaperones assist OMP folding and assembly? Insights from mass spectrometry and other approaches Principal Investigator 457,216 Research Grant
BB/R000271/1 From fundamental mechanisms to cancer detection with the help of advanced fluorescence spectrometer Co-investigator 109,948 Research Grant
BB/T000635/1 Targeting SurA Dynamics: An Achilles Heel in Bacterial Outer Membrane Biogenesis Co-investigator 554,418 Research Grant
BB/W019795/1 BioEmPiRe; Accessing uncharted but essential landscapes to biological machineries by pulse EPR Co-investigator 988,938 Research Grant
BBS/B/04803 Testing models of helical protein folding via nanosecond temperature jump studies: the B domain of staphylococcal protein A Principal Investigator 198,386 Research Grant
BBS/S/A/2004/10940 Single molecule studies of protein folding Principal Supervisor 47,623 Studentships
BBS/S/P/2003/10337 Measuring protein-protein interactions of single molecules using the atomic force microscope Principal Supervisor 44,773 Studentships
E08281 Nanosecond to millisecond dynamics in protein folding initiated by an ultrafast temperature jump Co-investigator 108,811 Research Grant
E16849 An ultra-violet resonance Raman probe of sub-millisecond protein folding Co-investigator 129,864 Research Grant
JRE10782 (A) Purchase of a steady state fluorimeter for studies of protein folding Principal Investigator 16,808 Research Grant
JRE10799 (A) An FTIR spectrometer for studies of protein structure and mechanism Co-investigator 34,816 Research Grant
JRI10779 Applications of surface plasmon resonance to drug discovery and biological recognition studies Co-investigator 51,280 Research Grant
SBD07536 Structural biology and design of the Greek key fold Principal Investigator 158,991 Research Grant
SF16972 BBSRC Professorial Fellowship From physics to cell biology: a new era of protein folding Principal Investigator 495,552 Fellowships
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