Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Peter Sadler
Current InstitutionUniversity of Warwick
Current DepartmentChemistry
Institution website
Previous InstitutionsUniversity of Edinburgh

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/W020297/1 Enabling new characterisation methods for dynamic systems through the upgrade of 700 MHz solution NMR spectrometer Co-investigator 799,374 Research Grant
BB/W020300/1 A broadly accessible facility microscope to probe nanoscale cellular dynamics by combined live cell super-resolution microscopy and photomanipulation Co-investigator 731,991 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
01/A1/B/07160 Biomolecular interactions of antiviral metallomacrocycles Principal Supervisor 39,359 Studentships
99/A1/C/05155 Manganese and modulation of apoptosis of hepatocytes following injury Principal Supervisor 35,171 Studentships
99/A3/C/05720 Redox properties of the human albumin thiol Principal Supervisor 35,135 Studentships
B01965 NMR studies of transferrins (metal analysis) Principal Investigator 30,411 Research Grant
B08364 Bioactive chelate ring-opening metal complexes with novel DNA recognition properties Principal Investigator 166,160 Research Grant
B12897 Biomolecular redox recognition of platinum anticancer agents: novel targeting strategies Principal Investigator 187,247 Research Grant
BB/C511599/1 Radical solutions for researching the proteome Co-investigator 3,932,548 Research Grant
BB/D524775/1 Studies of biomolecules and their interactions by using NMR spectroscopy with cutting edge sensitivity. Co-investigator 154,155 Research Grant
BB/D524940/1 Characterisation of Macromolecular and Ligand Interactions using SPR and ITC Co-investigator 199,970 Research Grant
BB/F011199/1 Optical spectroscopy for biomolecular interactions Co-investigator 95,974 Research Grant
BBS/S/A/2004/10930 Structural dynamics of metal cluster proteins: novel mass spectrometric methods Principal Supervisor 47,551 Studentships
BBS/S/K/2004/11174 Targeting proteins and DNA with ruthenium arene anticancer complexes Principal Supervisor 47,508 Studentships
BCI06249 Platinum anticancer drugs: chemical mechanisms of biotransformations Principal Investigator 156,946 Research Grant
G10320 Metallothionein as a zinc chaperone: SmtA-DnaG interactions Co-investigator 147,680 Research Grant
MOL04601 Novel DNA metallation reactions Principal Investigator 93,211 Research Grant
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