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Novel DNA metallation reactions

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Peter Sadler
Co-Investigators /
Institution University of Edinburgh
DepartmentSch of Chemistry
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 93,211
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 05/07/1995
End date 31/12/1997
Duration30 months


A novel series of square-planar metal complexes (e.g. Pt(II) and Pd(II)) will be prepared which can metallate DNA via chelate ring-opening reactions. The formation of mono- and bi-functional DNA adducts and their recognition by high-mobility-group proteins will be studied. The work may lead to new classes of drugs with unique mechanisms of action and be of value in antisense technology.


Committee Closed Committee - Biomolecular Sciences (BMS)
Research TopicsX – not assigned to a current Research Topic
Research PriorityX – Research Priority information not available
Research Initiative Molecules (Ropa) (MOL) [1994]
Funding SchemeX – not Funded via a specific Funding Scheme
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