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Platinum anticancer drugs: chemical mechanisms of biotransformations

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Peter Sadler
Co-Investigators /
Institution University of Edinburgh
DepartmentSch of Chemistry
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 156,946
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 01/09/1996
End date 01/03/2000
Duration42 months


The anticancer activity and toxic side-effects of platinum complexes depend on the oxidation state of Pt and on the types and numbers of coordinated ligands, and are determined by in vivo biotransformation reactions. Chemical mechanisms of such transformations will be investigated, including (1) pathways of single- and double-stranded DNA platination and HMG recognition, (2) reactivity of adducts with sulphur ligands and (3) activation of Pt (IV) by reductants and light.


Committee Closed Committee - Biomolecular Sciences (BMS)
Research TopicsX – not assigned to a current Research Topic
Research PriorityX – Research Priority information not available
Research Initiative Biological Chemistry Initiative (BCI) [1995]
Funding SchemeX – not Funded via a specific Funding Scheme
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