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Biomolecular redox recognition of platinum anticancer agents: novel targeting strategies

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Peter Sadler
Co-Investigators /
Institution University of Edinburgh
DepartmentSch of Chemistry
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 187,247
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 01/03/2000
End date 31/01/2004
Duration47 months


New roles of sulphur donor ligands in activating and deactivating platinum anticancer complexes will be investigated, especially the effect of coordinated ligands (e.g. chelated diamines, halides) on the redox recognition of Pt(II) anticancer agents by disulphides and of Pt(IV) by thiols in peptides and proteins. The recognition of nucleotides and single- and double-stranded oligonucleotides by glutathione Pt macrochelates with unprecedented structures will be studied. Introduction of sulphur into the DNA backbone to provide rapid base-specific targeting of Pt (antisense/antigene strategies) will be explored. This project will allow participation in the EC COST Action D8.


Committee Closed Committee - Biomolecular Sciences (BMS)
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