Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Julian Hiscox
Current InstitutionUniversity of Liverpool
Current DepartmentInstitute of Infection and Global Health
Institution website
Previous InstitutionsUniversity of Leeds

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/W003287/1 UK International coronavirus network (UK-ICN) Principal Investigator 510,207 Research Grant
BB/W020351/1 Understanding host interactions with high consequence pathogens using super resolution light microscopy in biocontainment. Principal Investigator 343,776 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/C511172/1 A fluorescence activated cell sorter facility for the biosciences Co-investigator 153,581 Research Grant
BB/E013163/1 A high-throughput protein expression facility for structural and cell biology Co-investigator 233,230 Research Grant
BB/F019904/1 Regulation of cyclin D1 in coronavirus infected cells Principal Investigator 373,395 Research Grant
BB/T018127/1 An ion-mobility mass spectrometry platform for single-cell proteomics and sensitive discrimination of isomeric biomolecules Co-investigator 429,377 Research Grant
BBS/B/03416 Nucleolar localisation of the coronavirus nucleoprotein and its role in cell cyle control Principal Investigator 188,493 Research Grant
BBS/B/03475 Nucleolar trafficking of a key herpesvirus protein Co-investigator 172,918 Research Grant
BBS/S/D/2003/12783 Structural and functional analysis of viral nucleic acid binding proteins (Funded via Training Grant BB/A517718/1) Principal Supervisor Studentships
BBS/S/D/2004/12587 The relationship between the cell cycle and virus infection with application to vaccine development (Funded via Training Grant BB/A517718/1) Principal Supervisor Studentships
BBS/S/P/2003/10434 Investigation of the interaction of coronaviruses with the nucleolus and its functions Principal Supervisor 44,773 Studentships
REI18515 Visualisation by confocal microscopy of protein location and interactions within living cells Co-investigator 139,340 Research Grant
S12883 Investigation of the coronavirus transcription mechanism Principal Investigator 152,220 Research Grant
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