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Nucleolar trafficking of a key herpesvirus protein

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Adrian Whitehouse
Co-Investigators /
Professor Julian Hiscox
Institution University of Leeds
DepartmentInst of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 172,918
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 28/06/2004
End date 27/06/2007
Duration36 months


Many viral proteins shuttle to the nucleolus. The role of these nucleolar interactions have not been determined. We have shown that a herpesvirus protein, ORF 57, trafficks and redistributes cellular proteins into the nucleolus. We aim to use this protein to investigate the role of virus-nucleolar interactions. We will determine how ORF 57 trafficks to the nucleolus and analyse its effect on nucleolar architecture. Proteomic analysis of the nucleolus will identify cellular proteins redistributed by ORF 57. Identified proteins involved in RNA metabolism will be characterised for their nucleolar localisation and interaction with ORF 57. RNAi studies will be performed to assess their effect on ORF 57-mediated viral mRNA nuclear export.


Committee Closed Committee - Biochemistry & Cell Biology (BCB)
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