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NameProfessor Martin Warren
Current InstitutionQuadram Institute Bioscience
Current DepartmentFood Innovation and Health
Institution website
Previous InstitutionsQueen Mary University of London

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/S009787/1 Elements of Bioremediation, Biomanufacturing & Bioenergy (E3B): Metals in Biology Co-investigator 694,618 Research Grant
BB/V006002/1 A calculator for metalation inside a cell Co-investigator 500,624 Research Grant
BB/V01093X/1 Role of Vitamin B12 in sustaining trophic interactions between human gut symbionts Co-investigator 532,245 Research Grant
BB/W014165/1 21EBTA: Engineering Microbial Metal Recovery (EMMR) Principal Investigator 291,595 Research Grant
BB/W015749/1 Understanding mis-metalation of native versus heterologously expressed protein Co-investigator 456,444 Research Grant
BB/X001946/1 Vitamin scavenging in the gut: Structure/function of the tight-binding B12 foraging machinery in Bacteroides - and its biotechnological applications Principal Investigator 749,413 Research Grant
BB/X010864/1 Innovation Hub for Improving Health and Nutrition through Biofortification (HERB Hub) Principal Investigator 374,862 Research Grant
BB/X512229/1 Salad crop fortification with Vitamin B12 to close a hidden hunger gap Co-investigator 202,274 Research Grant
BB/X512291/1 BBSRC IAA Quadram Institute Bioscience Principal Investigator 1,250,000 Research Grant
BBS/E/F/000PR10346 Digestion and Fermentation in the Lower GI Tract Co-investigator 4,915,823 Institute Project
BBS/E/F/000PR10353 Determinants of microbe-host responses in the gut across life Co-investigator 6,486,003 Institute Project

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
02/B1/C/08226 A novel enzyme involved in vitamin B12 (cobalamin) synthesis Principal Supervisor 41,845 Studentships
99/A1/C/05247 Biosynthesis of cobalamin (vitamin B12) in Rhodobacter capsulatus Principal Supervisor 47,167 Studentships
B08652 The elucidation of the 3-D structure of two colbalmin biosynthetic enzymes CbiF and CbiK Principal Investigator 85,004 Research Grant
B13781 X-ray structural studies of substrate binding and mechanism of 5-aminolaevulinic acid dehydratase Co-investigator 180,112 Research Grant
B19356/2 The biosynthesis of coenzyme F430 in methanothermobactor thermautotrophicus Principal Investigator 90,209 Research Grant
BB/C504686/1 A mechanism for HemN - a radical SAM (S-adenosylmethionine) enzyme Co-investigator 210,293 Research Grant
BB/D003997/1 Mechanistic investigations into the novel monooxygenases CobG and CobZ involved in vitamin B12 biosynthesis Principal Investigator 214,648 Research Grant
BB/D005817/1 Small molecules to modulate riboswitch activity in vivo and in vitro Co-investigator 303,633 Research Grant
BB/D011043/1 Chemical and molecular biology of a eukaryotic riboswitch Co-investigator 204,984 Research Grant
BB/D016568/1 Metallometabolism; functional characterisation of the cobalamin cobalt chaperone and chelatase CobN S T and W Principal Investigator 394,831 Research Grant
BB/E002137/1 Elucidation and evolution of substrate recognition and reaction mechanism in the methyltransferases of cobalamin biosynthesis Co-investigator 375,077 Research Grant
BB/E002889/1 Does enzyme coupling explain the enigma of cobalt reduction during vitamin B12 biosynthesis? Principal Investigator 389,851 Research Grant
BB/E010563/1 Macromolecular metabolosome formation associated with 12-propanediol utilisation Principal Investigator 634,062 Research Grant
BB/E022944/1 Deciphering the d1 haem biosynthesis pathway and its relationship to a novel anaerobic route to protohaem Co-investigator 417,937 Research Grant
BB/E024203/1 Bioengineering of complex metabolic pathways Principal Investigator 742,283 Fellowships
BB/F016158/1 Studentships to enhance and expand research and training on the determination of the biology that underpins bioprocessing at kent Principal Investigator 217,620 Training Grants
BB/F016719/1 Doctoral Training Grant Principal Investigator 610,758 Training Grants
BB/G014361/1 Mechanism of dimethylenzimidazole (DMB) synthesis and the metabolic engineering of a dietary useful form of cobalamin in Lactobacillus Principal Investigator 407,274 Research Grant
BB/H013180/1 Synthetic biology approaches to compartmentalisation in bacteria and the construction of novel bioreactors Principal Investigator 874,606 Research Grant
BB/H016058/1 Studentships to enhance research and training in bio processing at kent Co-investigator 150,562 Training Grants
BB/I012079/1 Enzymes as traps in the elucidation of complex biochemical pathways Principal Investigator 483,694 Research Grant
BB/I016309/1 Development of FLIM analysis tools for the in vivo study of cellular distribution of regions of protein stability within microbial systems. Co-investigator 91,932 Training Grants
BB/I020047/1 Unravelling the remarkable synthesis and mechanisms involved in the biogenesis of heme and heme d1 from siroheme Principal Investigator 373,249 Research Grant
BB/K004417/1 Development of novel bacterial 'bioreactor' organelles for authentic synthesis and PTMs of mammalian recombinant proteins Principal Investigator 92,173 Training Grants
BB/K009249/1 Development of cobalamin surrogates as probes and carriers through synthetic and chemical biology approaches Principal Investigator 503,910 Research Grant
BB/K017640/1 Unravelling and engineering the role of trace metals on recombinant therapeutic protein synthesis and heterogeneity from Chinese hamster ovary cells Co-investigator 517,290 Research Grant
BB/L010208/1 Cell circuitry for metals: Integrative metabolism for cobalt uptake and cobalamin production Principal Investigator 391,061 Research Grant
BB/L013711/1 Metals in Biology: The elements of Biotechnology and Bioenergy Co-investigator 325,410 Research Grant
BB/M002969/1 Development of supramolecular assemblies for enhancing cellular productivity and the synthesis of fine chemicals and biotherapeutics. Principal Investigator 3,484,653 Research Grant
BB/N00924X/1 Investigations into the unprecedented reactions associated with the biosyntheses of hemes Principal Investigator 362,679 Research Grant
BB/N023722/1 Enzyme co-localisation and aggregation for enhanced metabolic activity for commodity chemicals Principal Investigator 98,535 Research Grant
BB/P025870/1 Partnership to develop compartmentalisation technology Principal Investigator 30,612 Research Grant
BB/R002118/1 METALLOCHAPERONES: The partitioning of metals to delivery pathways Co-investigator 405,226 Research Grant
BB/R013802/1 An advanced bioreactor facility for automated, industry-aligned production of high-value proteins Co-investigator 372,665 Research Grant
BB/S002197/1 Enhancing cobalamin (vitamin B12) production in E. coli to address demand and global security Principal Investigator 380,027 Research Grant
BB/S014020/1 Enhancing cobalamin (vitamin B12) bioavailability in culturally appropriate foods in India Principal Investigator 1,511,891 Research Grant
BB/V011324/1 Generation, characterisation and application of SARS-CoV-2 protein antigens for COVID-19 rapid diagnostic purposes in the hospital and community Co-investigator 418,025 Research Grant
BB/W510701/1 21ROMITIGATIONFUND Quadram Institute Principal Investigator 225,000 Research Grant
BB/X511845/1 22ROMITIGATIONFUNDQuadram Institute of Biosciences Principal Investigator 283,000 Research Grant
BBS/B/04145 Molecular enzymology of S-adenosyl-L-methionine uroporphyrinogen III methyltransferase (SUMT) Principal Investigator 241,468 Research Grant
BBS/B/04145/2 Molecular enzymology of S-adenosyl-L-methionine uroporphyrinogen III methyltransferase (SUMT) Principal Investigator 184,644 Research Grant
BBS/B/10323 Elucidating the biosynthesis of d1 heme and its delivery to periplasmic cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase Co-investigator 215,426 Research Grant
BBS/S/E/2006/13265 Selective chemical intervention to investigate metabolic control in a model eukaryotic organism Principal Supervisor 69,257 Studentships
BBS/S/H/2005/11947 Proteomics and metabolomics of pdu polyhedral organelle formation and function Principal Supervisor 49,864 Studentships
BBS/S/L/2004/11212 Rational approach to the enhancement of activity of a cobalamin-dependent methionine synthase, MetH Principal Supervisor 9,764 Studentships
C13480 Structure/function of cold and pressure adapted enzymes isolated from deep sea fish Principal Investigator 180,116 Research Grant
C15800 Defining metal ion specificity and catalytic mechanism in tetrapyrrole chelatases Principal Investigator 213,360 Research Grant
C15800/2 Defining metal ion specificity and catalytic mechanism in tetrapyrrole chelatases Principal Investigator 30,218 Research Grant
C20271 Metal ion delivery in Synechocystis PCC 6803: chelatase discrimination in the tetrapyrrole pathway Principal Investigator 217,331 Research Grant
C20271/2 Metal ion delivery in Synechocystis PCC 6803: chelatase discrimination in the tetrapyrrole pathway Principal Investigator 110,087 Research Grant
P04006 Elucidation of the anaerobic biosynthesis of vitamin B12 Principal Investigator 176,159 Research Grant
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