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BBSRC Institute
Academic Analogue
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Yorkshire and Humberside
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Research Committee A (Animal disease, health and welfare)
Research Committee B (Plants, microbes, food & sustainability)
Research Committee C (Genes, development and STEM approaches to biology)
Research Committee D (Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology)
Closed Committee - Agri-food (AF)
Closed Committee - Animal Sciences (AS)
Closed Committee - Biochemistry & Cell Biology (BCB)
Closed Committee - Biomolecular Sciences (BMS)
Closed Committee - Engineering & Biological Systems (EBS)
Closed Committee - Genes & Developmental Biology (GDB)
Closed Committee - Plant & Microbial Sciences (PMS)
Not funded via Committee
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Animal Health
Animal Welfare
Crop Science
Diet and Health
Industrial Biotechnology
Microbial Food Safety
Neuroscience and Behaviour
Plant Science
Regenerative Biology
Soil Science
Stem Cells
Structural Biology
Synthetic Biology
Systems Biology
Technology and Methods Development
The 3 Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animals in research)
TSEs (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies)
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Acquisition of Microbial Genomics (AMG) [1996-1997]
Advanced Life Sciences Research Technology Initiative (ALERT) [2013-2014]
Ageing Interdiciplinary Research Network [2021]
Agri-Tech Catalyst (ATC) [2013-2015]
Alan Turing Institute - Artificial Intelligence [2020]
Animal Health and Disease and Veterinary Immune Reagents (AHDVIR) [2014]
Animal Health and Welfare (ANIHWA) [2013-2015]
Animal Health Research Club (ARC) [2012-2014]
Animal Welfare Programme (AWP) [2004]
ANR-BBSRC SysBio (ANR-BBSRC SysBio) [2007]
Bacterial Plant Diseases [2019]
BBSRC-Brazil (FAPESP) joint funding of research [2010-2015]
BBSRC-NERC Joint Call in Aquacuture: Collaborative Research and Innovation [2017]
Biochemistry of Metabolic Regulation (BOM) [1986]
Biochemistry of Metabolic Regulation in Plants III (BR3) [1994]
Bioenergy Initiative (BEN) [2008]
Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF) [2014]
BioImaging (BI) [1998]
Bioinformatics (BIF) [1995-1997]
Bioinformatics (Phase 2) (BIO) [1998-2000]
Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund (BBR) [2007-2015]
Bioinformatics and E Science Programme (BEP) [2000-2001]
Bioinformatics and E Science Programme II (BEP2) [2003-2004]
Bioinformatics Genomes (BIG) [1994]
Biological Chemistry Initiative (BCI) [1995]
Biological Interactions in the Root Environment (BRE) [2000]
Biology of Food-Borne Pathogens (BFP) [1997]
Biology of Spongiform Encephalopathies - BMS Com (BSEBMS) [1999]
Biology of Spongiform Encephalopathies - Phase 2 (BS2) [1993]
Biology of Spongiform Encephalopathies - Phase 3 (BS3) [1996-1997]
Biology of Spongiform Encephalopathies - Phase 4 (BS4) [1998]
Biology of Spongiform Encephalopathies - Phase 5 (BS5) [2001]
Biology Spongiform Encephalopathies - Diagnostics (BSD) [2000]
Bioprocessing Research Industry Club (BRIC) [2006-2012]
Bioprocessing Research Industry Club enabling (BRIC2E) [2010]
Breaking through technologies [2018]
Capacity Building Awards In Integrative Mammalian Biology (CBAIMB) [2006]
Cell Engineering - GDB Committee (CE) [1994-1996]
Cell Function to Bioprocessing (CFB) [2001]
Cells & Molecules 1996 ROPA (CM) [1996]
Cells RoPA (CELL) [1994]
Centre for Genome Research (IR4) [1995]
China-UK Programme in Global Priorities (CUKPGP) [2012]
Citizen Science Exploration Grant [2019]
Clean Synthesis - CPD (CS) [1995]
Clean Technology (EPSRC) (CT) [1993-1995]
Clean Technology Programme (Engineering) (CTE) [1992-1994]
Clean Technology Programme (Plants & Environment) (CTP) [1993]
Collaborative Research on the Biology of Ageing (USAGE) [2009]
Combating Avian Influenza (CAI) [2006]
Combating Endemic Diseases of Farmed Animals Init (CEDFAS) [2006]
Combating Infectious Diseases of Livestock for International Development (CIDLID) [2009]
Combating Swine Influenza Initiative (CSFlu) [2009]
Combating Viral Diseases of Livestock Initiative (CVDL) [2003]
Commitment and Determination (CAD) [1995]
Community Research Networks (CRN) [2014-2015]
Comparative Development Initiative (COD) [2001]
Coronavirus Networks [2021]
Covid19 Rapid Response [2020]
Crop Genomics and Technologies (CGAT) [2013]
Crop Improvement Research Club (CIRC) [2010-2012]
Crop pest and diseases partnerships [2022]
Crop Science Initiative (CSI) [2006]
Crowd Sourcing for the Biological Sciences (CSBS) [2013]
CWIS - Agricultural Systems Directorate (CW1) [1989-1993]
CWIS - Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Directorate (CW2) [1989-1993]
Data and Model Management Core (DMMCore) [2014]
Diet and Health Innovation Hub [2022]
Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) [2008-2014]
DNA Synthesis (DNASyn) [2014]
Doctoral Career Development Fund [2021]
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases - Travel Grants (EEID-TG) [2019]
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) [2012-2014]
EDF (e-science Development Fund) (EDF) [2003-2005]
EJP Soil [2021]
e-Learning for Systems Approaches (eLSA) [2010]
Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock (EMIDA ERA-Net) [2010-2011]
Endemic Livestock Disease Systems [2022]
Engineering Biology Transition Awards [2021]
Enhancing photosynthesis for increased productivity (EPSY) [2011]
Environmental Biotechnology (EBI) [1996]
Equipment and Facilities (EQP) [1993]
Equipment and Industry Initiative (EII) [1995]
ERA Industrial Biotechnology (ERA-IB) [2013-2014]
ERA-CAPS3: Europe-USA call (ERA-CAPS3) [2018]
Eradication of bovine tuberculosis through basic research and discovery (ERADbTB) [2015]
ERA-HDHL Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health [2016]
ERA-HDHL Nutrition and the epigenome [2018]
ERA-NET Bioenergy (ERANETBEN) [2008-2014]
ERA-Net Cofund on Biotechnologies (ERACoBioTech) [2017]
ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology (ERANETIB) [2012-2014]
ERA-NET on Climate Smart Agriculture (FACCE ERA-NET-plus) [2014]
ERA-NET on Coordinating Action in Plant Sciences (ERA-CAPS) [2013-2014]
ERASysBio plus (ERASysBioPlus) [2010]
EUROCORES Synthetic Biology (EUROSYNBIO) [2010]
European Life Science Infrastructure for Biological Information (ELIXIR) [2013]
European Research Area in Ageing 2 (ERA-AGE 2) [2012]
European Research Area Network in Plant Genomics (ERA-PG) [2006-2009]
European Science Foundation Solar Fuels (ESF SolarFuels) [2011]
Experimental Research on Ageing (ERA) [2001]
Exploiting Genomics: Agri, Food and Environment (EGA) [2001]
Exploiting Genomics: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals (EGH) [2001]
Exploiting Genomics: Manufacturing & New Post Tech (EGM) [2001]
Faraday: Genesis (FGEN) [2004-2005]
Farmed Animal Disease and Health (FADH) [2013]
Fellowship - Advanced Fellowship (AF) [1995-1998]
Fellowship - David Phillips Fellowship (DF) [1995-2015]
Fellowship - Fellowship Grant (FG) [1997-2001]
Fellowship - Future Leader Fellowship (FLF) [2014-2015]
Fellowship - Industrial Impact Fellowships (IIF) [2008-2011]
Fellowship - Institute Career Path Fellowship (ICPF) [2006-2010]
Fellowship - Institute Development Fellowship (IDF) [2006-2010]
Fellowship - Professorial Fellowship (PF) [1996-2009]
Fellowship - Research Development Fellowship (RDF) [1999-2010]
Fellowship - Translational Fellowships (TF) [2014]
Flexible Interchange Programme (FLIP) [2012-2015]
Flexible Talent Mobility Accounts (FTMA) [2017]
Follow-On Fund (FOF) [2004-2015]
Follow-On Fund Pathfinder (FOF-Path) [2014-2015]
Follow-On Fund Super (SuperFOF) [2012-2015]
Food Quality/Safety - ROPA (FQS) [1994]
Food System Resilience (FSRD) [2015]
Functional Genomics Toolkit (FGT) [1998]
GCRF - Food and Nutrition for Health in the Developing World [2018]
GCRF BBR Highlight [2017]
GCRF Foundation Awards for Global Agricultural and Food Systems Research (GCRF FA GAFSR) [2016]
GCRF IBBE In the Developing Work (GCRFIBBEDW) [2018]
GCRF Impact Acceleration Accounts (GCRF-IAAs) [2017]
GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hubs (GCRF IRH) [2018]
GCRF Malnutrition [2019]
GCRF National Institutes of Bioscience Data and Resources (GCRF NIBDR) [2016]
GCRF Networks in Vector Borne Disease Research
GCRF Scoping Workshops for Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (GCRFNIBB) [2016]
GCRF Scoping Workshops for Synthetic Biology (GCRF SWSB) [2016]
GCRF Sustainably Enhancing Agricultural Production [2018]
Gene Flow in Plants and Microorganisms (GM1) [2000]
Gene Technologies Underpinning Healthcare (GTH) [1999]
Genome Analysis of Agriculturally Important Traits (GAT) [1997-1998]
Genomics in Animal Function Initiative (GAN) [1998]
Global Challenges Research Fund Translation Awards (GCRFTA) [2017]
Global Environmental Response (GER) [1986]
Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators (GGR-SPF) [2019]
HDHL Food Hypersensitivity
Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life Joint Programming Initiative (JPI HDHL) [2015]
Horticulture and Potato Initiative (HAPI) [2012-2014]
host the UK plant and crop phenotyping infrastructure (UKPCPI) [2023]
IB Higher Value Chemicals [2019]
ICRAD One health approaches to zoonoses [2022]
Impact Acceleration Accounts
Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst (IBCAT) [2014-2015]
Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) [2017]
Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Wave 1 - Agri Tech (ISCF AT) [2017]
Initiative in Plant and Microbial Metabolomics (MET) [2003-2005]
Initiative on Science of Ageing (SAG) [1998]
Innovate UK (TSB) [2011-2015]
Innovative Biological Imaging and Signal Analysis (IBIS) [2006]
Innovative Manufacturing Initiative (IMI) [1995]
Insect Pollinators Initiative (IPI) [2010]
Integrated Biorefining Research and Technology Club (IBTI) [2009-2012]
Integrated Epigenetics (EPI) [2003]
Integration of Cellular Responses (ICR) [1996]
Integrative Analysis of Brain and Behaviour (IABB) [2003]
Integrative and Systems Biology (ISB) [2004-2005]
International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) [2015]
Intracellular Signalling (ICS) [1986]
Invertebrate Neurosciences Initiative (INS) [1993-1994]
Investigating Gene Function (IGF) [1999-2005]
IRC - Biochemical Engineering (IR1) [1993]
IRC - Oxford Centre for Molecular Science (IR2) [1996]
IRC - Sussex Centre for Neuroscience (IR3) [1995]
IRC in Proteomic Technologies (IPT) [2004]
ISCF TFP Seeding Awards [2018]
Joint Equipment Initiative 1999 (JE4) [1999]
Joint Equipment Initiative 2000 (JE5) [2000]
Joint Equipment Initiative 2001 (JE6) [2001]
Joint Equipment Research Initiative 1996 (JE1) [1996]
Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF) [1998-2001]
Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security & Climate Change (FACCE JPI) [2012-2014]
Joint Research Equipment Initiative 1997 (JE2) [1997]
Joint Research Equipment Initiative 1998 (JE3) [1998]
Joint Synthetic Biology Initiative (JSBI) [2011]
Life Science Research using the Human Spaceflight Analogue: Bed Rest (BEDREST) [2015]
LINK: Advanced & Hygienic Food Manufacturing (AFM) [1998-2008]
LINK: Agri-Food Committee (AFL) [1997-2008]
LINK: Agro-food quality (AFQ) [1993-1997]
LINK: Analytical Biotechnology (ABY) [1995-2000]
LINK: Animal Sciences Committee (ASL) [1996-2004]
LINK: Applied Biocatalysis (ABC) [1993-1999]
LINK: Applied Genomics (APG) [2000-2004]
LINK: B Plants, Microbes, Food and Sustainability (BL) [2009]
LINK: Biochemical Engineering (BCE) [1993-1997]
LINK: Biochemistry & Cell Biology Committee (BCL) [2002]
LINK: Bioremediation (BRM) [2002-2004]
LINK: Biotransformations (BTF) [1992]
LINK: Biotreatment of Soil and Water (BSW) [1993-1999]
LINK: C Genes, Development and STEM Approaches to Biology (CL) [2010]
LINK: Cell Engineering - AgriFood Committee (CE2) [1993]
LINK: Competitive Industrial Materials (CIM) [1998-2002]
LINK: D Molecules, Cells and Industrial Biotechnology (DL) [2009]
LINK: Eating, Food and Health (EFH) [1999-2002]
LINK: Engineering & Biological System Committee (EBL) [2000-2003]
LINK: Exploiting Systems Biology (ESBLINK) [2007]
LINK: Food Quality and Innovation (FQI) [2006-2009]
LINK: Food Quality and Safety (FQSLINK) [1994-2005]
LINK: Foresight 4 (FS4) [2001]
LINK: Horticulture (HRT) [1996-2009]
LINK: Plant & Microbial Sciences Committee (PML) [1998-2000]
LINK: Renewable Materials (RM) [2006-2010]
LINK: Responsive Mode [2010-2015]
LINK: Satellite Projects to Food Quality/Safety (RMQ) [1995]
LINK: Sustainable Arable Production SAPPIO (SAP) [1998-2010]
LINK: Sustainable Livestock Production (SLP) [1996-2010]
LINK: Technology Foresight 1 (TF1) [1995]
LINK: Technology Foresight 2 (EBS) (TF2) [1997]
Longer and Larger Grants (LoLas) [2007-2015]
Mathematical Modelling Initiative (MMI) [1997]
Mathematical Tools for Systems Biology (MATSYB) [2007]
Mathematics & Modelling of Agriculture & Food Sys (MAF) [1999]
Molcules to Landscapes [2022]
Molecules (Ropa) (MOL) [1994]
National Biofilms Phase 2 [2022]
National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) - Industrial Challenges Skills Schools [2017]
National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) - Studentships [2018]
Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB) [2013]
Networks in Synthetic Biology (NSB) [2007]
Neurone (NEU) [2000]
Newton Fund - BBSRC-FAPESP Joint Pump-Priming Awards for AMR in Agriculture (NFBRAZILAMR) [2017]
Newton Fund - Brazil (NFB) [2014]
Newton Fund - Global Research Partnership Aquaculture (GRPA) [2015]
Newton Fund - Initial Awards (NFIA) [2017]
Newton Fund - Mexican Crop Resilience (NFIMCRAS) [2018]
Newton Fund - Rice Research (RICENF) [2015]
Newton Fund - UK-China-Philippines-Thailand Swine and Poultry Research Initiative [2017]
Newton Fund - Virtual Joint Centres with Brazil, China & India in Agricultural Nitrogen (NNF) [2015]
Newton Fund BBSRC NRF Enhancing Ruminant Livestock Productivity [2018]
Newton Fund Impact Scheme [2020]
Newton Fund Open Call (NF) [2015]
Newton Fund UK-Brazil AMR in Agriculture [2018]
Newton Fund UK-CIAT Tropical Agriculture Colombia [2018]
Newton RCUK-CONICYT Broadening Impact Call (RCUK-CONICYT) [2017]
Newton-Bhabha Fund Joint Call on Pulses and Oilseeds (PULSESOILSEEDSNF) [2017]
Nitrogen Ideas Lab (NIL) [2013]
NPIF Institute Innovation [2019]
NRC-UKRI Pilot Programme [2018]
NSF Arabidopsis Information (NSFABI) [2013]
One Health Approaches to Accelerate Vaccine Development (ACCVACDEV) [2017]
One Health Approaches to Vector-Borne Diseases [2022]
Overwintering of Blue Tongue (OBT) [2008]
Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals - ROPA (PAC) [1994]
Photosynthesis Ideas Lab (PSIL) [2010]
Photosynthesis Ideas Lab: Multiple Approaches to Gain Increased Carbon Dioxide (PSIL MAGIC) [2014]
Pig Science Programme (PSP) [1986]
Plant & Animal Genome Analysis (PAG) [1993-1995]
Plant Molecular Biology II (PM2) [1986]
Priming Food Partnerships (PFP) [2016]
Prokaryotic Responses to Environmental Stress (PRS) [1999]
Proteomics and Cell Function (PCF) [2003-2004]
Proteomics and e-Science Training (PeST) [2005]
RCUK-SBE Lead Agency Agreement [2017]
Research and development on Campylobacter (Campy1) [2010]
Research Equipment Initiative 2002 (REI) [2002]
Research Equipment Initiative 2003 (RE2) [2003]
Research Equipment Initiative 2004 (RE4) [2004]
Research Equipment Initiative 2005 (RE5) [2005]
Research Equipment Initiative 2006 (RE6) [2006]
Research Equipment Initiative 2007 (RE7) [2007]
Resource Allocation and Stress in Plants (RSP) [1995]
ROPA 1997 (ROPA1997) [1997]
ROPA 1998 (ROPA1998) [1998]
ROPA 1999 (ROPA1999) [1999]
ROPA 2000 (ROPA2000) [2000]
Selective Chemical Intervention In Biological Systems (SCIBS) [2005]
Selective Chemical Intervention in Biological Systems (SCIBSII) [2006]
Separation Processes Committee (SPC) [1992-1995]
Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) [2001-2005]
Soil and rhizosphere interactions for sustainable agri-ecosystems (GFS-SARISA) [2013]
Special Grants - Agricultural Systems (SGAS) [1993]
SPF Centre for Doctoral Training in Food Systems [2020]
Stem Cell Molecular Biology (SCM) [1986]
Stem Cell Science and Engineering Initiative (SCE) [2003-2005]
Structural Biology (SB) [1997-1998]
Structural biology and design applications (SBD) [1996]
Structural Proteomics of Rational Targets (SPORT) [2003-2004]
Supporting research in cognitive computational neuroscience [2022]
Sustainable agricultural systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SASSA) [2017]
Sustainable Agriculture for International Development (SARID) [2007]
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation Club (SARIC) [2014]
Sustainable Aquaculture: Health, Disease and the Environment (SAHDE) [2014]
Sustainable bioenergy and biofuels (SuBB) [2012]
Sustainable Crop Production Research for International Development (SCPRID) [2011]
Synthetic Biology ERA-NET (ERASynBio) [2014-2015]
Synthetic Biology Research Centres (SBRC) [2013-2014]
Systems - ROPA (SYS) [1994]
Systems Approaches to Biological Research (SABR) [2007]
Systems Biology of Microorganisms (SysMo) [2007-2008]
Systems Biology of Microorganisms 2 (SysMo2) [2010]
Technology Development Initiative (TDI) [2006]
Technology Development Initiative 2 (TDRI2) [2007]
Tissue Engineering (IRC) (TIE) [1999]
Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF) [2006-2015]
Towards a circuar bioeconomy [2022]
Transforming the UK food system [2019]
Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative (THAPBI) [2013-2015]
UK Biofilms Programme Biofilms Innovation Centre (IKC) [2017]
UK Microbial Culture Collections (UKMCC) [1996]
UK-Argentina Anti-microbial Resistance in the Environment [2019]
UK-Brazil (EMBRAPA) partnership [2012]
UKRI Basic Technologies [2022]
UKRI Citizen Science Collaborations [2020]
UKRI Switzerland Partnering
UKRI-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Joint Call [2018]
Wealth Creating Products of Plants Initiative (WCP) [1995-1999]
X - not in an Initiative
Zoonoses and Emerging Livestock Systems (ZELS) [2013-2015]
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Industrial Partnership Award (IPA)
International Award
Studentship - not Funded via Training Grant
Training Grant - Advanced Training Partnerships
Training Grant - Doctoral Training Partnerships
Training Grant - Industrial Case
Training Grant - Masters Training Account
Training Grant - Quota
Training Grant - Targeted Priority Studentships
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