Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Steven Banwart
Current InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
Current DepartmentSchool of Earth and Environment
Institution website
Previous InstitutionsUniversity of Sheffield

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/V004581/1 Transformations to Regenerative Food Systems Co-investigator 6,027,067 Research Grant
BB/V011359/1 Greenhouse gas removal with UK agriculture via enhanced rock weathering Co-investigator 4,635,236 Research Grant
BB/W020157/1 iBIO - Insect Bioreactor for Industrial Insect Waste Valorisation Co-investigator 281,294 Research Grant
BB/X005879/1 Assessing Agroecology Benefits and Novel Chemical and AMR Risks in Adopting a Sanitation-Agriculture Circular Economy Principal Investigator 160,534 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/L026066/1 MycoRhizaSoil: Combining wheat genotypes with cultivation methods to facilitate mycorrhizosphere organisms improving soil quality and crop resilience Co-investigator 702,353 Research Grant
BB/P027784/1 GCRF-AFRICAP - Agricultural and Food-system Resilience: Increasing Capacity and Advising Policy Co-investigator 8,022,074 Research Grant
E15832 Quantitative visualisation of biodegradation during natural attenuation of organic pollutants in groundwater Principal Investigator 248,712 Research Grant
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