Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Jason Swedlow
Current InstitutionUniversity of Dundee
Current DepartmentSchool of Life Sciences
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Previous Institutions

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/P001335/1 Architecture of a biofilm Co-investigator 2,671,631 Research Grant
BB/S018689/1 BioImagingUK Community Network Co-investigator 121,777 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/D00151X/1 Open image informatics software for biological microscopy Principal Investigator 398,637 Research Grant
BB/D006589/1 Implementation of LSIDs in the Open Microscopy Environment Principal Investigator 59,546 Research Grant
BB/G01518X/1 Dissection of the Function of Microtubule Depolymerases in Mitotic Kinetochore Dynamics Principal Investigator 304,881 Research Grant
BB/G022585/1 The Electron Microscopy Data Bank Principal Investigator 265,170 Research Grant
BB/H002340/1 The flagellum and cell fate differentiation Co-investigator 361,016 Research Grant
BB/H013024/1 Proteomic functional and systems analysis of mitotic chromosome organisation and its interdependence with DNA replication Co-investigator 1,308,127 Research Grant
BB/I000755/1 Intuitive Large-scale Image Processing for Biologists Principal Investigator 350,064 Research Grant
BB/K008676/1 Imaging chromatin transitions using high performance microscopy Co-investigator 311,271 Research Grant
BB/L024233/1 Expanded Metadata Support in the Open Microscopy Environment's Bio-Formats & OMERO Data Applications Principal Investigator 551,008 Research Grant
BB/M005062/1 A BioImagingUK Network: A Scientific Community Defining Strategic Initiatives for UK BioImaging. Principal Investigator 101,151 Research Grant
BB/M018423/1 Building a Next Generation Image Repository: Molecular Annotation and Cloud-based Data Processing and Analysis Principal Investigator 1,788,152 Research Grant
BB/P027032/1 New Open File Formats for the Biological Imaging Community Principal Investigator 102,956 Research Grant
BB/R000441/1 Application for a TRI-SPIM fluorescence lightsheet microscope Co-investigator 593,081 Research Grant
BB/R015384/1 BioStudies and the Image Data Resource: Expanding Imaging Datasets, Linkage, Metadata, and Value Principal Investigator 583,944 Research Grant
BB/S013032/1 Connecting and Expanding RIKEN's Systems Science of Biological Dynamics and OME's Image Data Resource Databases Principal Investigator 2,980 Research Grant
BB/T017546/1 A fully integrated FLIM-FRET system for imaging dynamic protein - protein interactions and protein turnover in single live cells and model organisms Co-investigator 595,000 Research Grant
BB/V019805/1 GPU-based Machine Learning System for fundamental biological research Co-investigator 406,349 Research Grant
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