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NameDr Alvis Brazma
Current InstitutionEMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute
Current DepartmentOMICs
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Current Awards

No current BBSRC awards

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/E001653/1 Development of integrated web interfaces for Bioconductor genomic data analysis annotation and visualization tools Principal Investigator 90,642 Research Grant
BB/E025080/1 Omics Data Standards: synergy and implementations Co-investigator 103,045 Research Grant
BB/G000638/1 MICheckout: Supporting compliance with consensus reporting requirements Principal Investigator 94,352 Research Grant
BB/G022755/1 VBO - A Tool for Bridging Vertebrate Anatomy Ontologies Principal Investigator 103,173 Research Grant
BB/M018423/1 Building a Next Generation Image Repository: Molecular Annotation and Cloud-based Data Processing and Analysis Co-investigator 1,788,152 Research Grant
BB/R015082/1 BioStudies and the Image Data Resource: Expanding Imaging Datasets, Linkage, Metadata, and Value Principal Investigator 242,298 Research Grant
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