Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Matthew Baylis
Current InstitutionUniversity of Liverpool
Current DepartmentLivestock and One Health
Institution website
Previous InstitutionsThe Pirbright Institute

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/W002906/1 Usutu virus risk to the UK: Determining local vector competence and modelling climate suitability Co-investigator 468,971 Research Grant
BB/X017591/1 Preventing drops in egg production in UK free-range flocks: understanding the interactions between farm practices, flock coinfections and immunity Co-investigator 615,825 Research Grant
BB/X018172/1 RCG Culex distribution, vector competence and threat of transmission of arboviruses to humans and animals in the UK Principal Investigator 984,395 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/H020829/1 MSc Veterinary Science Co-investigator 167,403 Training Grants
BB/J015806/1 Improving projections for the future of bluetongue and its vectors under scenarios of climate and environmental change Principal Investigator 928,094 Research Grant
BB/K003798/1 What, where and weather? Integrating open-source taxonomic, spatial and climatologic information into a comprehensive database of livestock infections Principal Investigator 118,796 Research Grant
BB/K015591/1 Improving the control of liver fluke infection in cattle in the UK Co-investigator 436,095 Research Grant
BB/K018507/1 Vector competence of British mosquitoes to flaviviruses Principal Investigator 404,655 Research Grant
BB/K021389/1 Emergence of Japanese Encephalitis in the highlands of Nepal Principal Investigator 48,079 Research Grant
BB/N021916/1 US Partnering Award: Vector-borne diseases in the UK & US: common threats and shared solutions Principal Investigator 50,000 Research Grant
BB/N02320X/1 Big Data approaches to host-pathogen mapping: EID2 - an open-access, taxonomically- and spatially-referenced database of pathogens and their hosts Principal Investigator 150,891 Research Grant
BB/P024270/1 The Tick Cell Biobank - a UK and international biological resource Co-investigator 840,641 Research Grant
BB/P024378/1 GCRF-BBR: The Tick Cell Biobank: outposts in Asia, Africa and South America Co-investigator 120,294 Research Grant
BB/P025749/1 Understanding the emergence of variant infectious bronchitis virus in chickens in UK and India: shared control strategies Principal Investigator 31,149 Research Grant
BB/P027954/1 GCRF: One Health Regional Network for the Horn of Africa (HORN) Principal Investigator 7,898,299 Research Grant
BB/R00563X/1 Transitions to resilience and sustainability through UK dairy systems and supply chain innovation Co-investigator 410,556 Research Grant
BB/R021279/1 Australia-UK-Kenya Partnership for One Health and Food Security Co-investigator 30,439 Research Grant
BB/S004890/1 The role of heartwater (Ehrlichia ruminantium infection) and other tick-borne pathogens in Acute Camel Death Syndrome in Kenya Co-investigator 100,797 Research Grant
BB/W00402X/1 Global trade of coronavirus hosts: bringing geographically isolated hosts and viruses together risks novel recombination and spillover to humans Co-investigator 117,406 Research Grant
BBS/B/00603 Epidemiology and control of orbiviral diseases in the UK with particular reference to bluetongue and African horse sickness Co-investigator 1,358,562 Research Grant
BBS/E/I/00000675 Scrapie control by cull and selective breeding: a randomised controlled experiment Principal Investigator 34,600 Institute Project
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