Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Ioannis Nezis
Current InstitutionUniversity of Warwick
Current DepartmentSchool of Life Sciences
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Previous Institutions

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/V014838/1 A novel component of protein aggregates regulates fertility and ageing Principal Investigator 631,657 Research Grant
BB/W020300/1 A broadly accessible facility microscope to probe nanoscale cellular dynamics by combined live cell super-resolution microscopy and photomanipulation Co-investigator 731,991 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/L006324/1 Molecular and cellular mechanisms of selective autophagy and their relevance to ageing Principal Investigator 368,638 Research Grant
BB/P007856/1 Elucidating novel roles of selective autophagy in inflammation during ageing Principal Investigator 376,910 Research Grant
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