Investigator / Supervisor details

NameDr Darren Tomlinson
Current InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
Current DepartmentSch of Molecular & Cellular Biology
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Previous Institutions

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/S015787/1 Understanding structure and function of the Z-disc in striated muscle Co-investigator 626,747 Research Grant
BB/T013583/1 Fibrinogen-targeted conformational proteins for identification of the mechanistic pathways controlling fibrin network stability Co-investigator 538,220 Research Grant
BB/T019751/1 Developing novel tools to target the cytoskeleton in health and disease: a UK-Australia collaboration Co-investigator 50,814 Research Grant
BB/V003577/1 Deciphering the function of intrinsically disordered protein regions in a cellular context Co-investigator 4,267,286 Research Grant
BB/V008099/1 Multiscale analysis of extracellular regulation of BMP signalling Co-investigator 875,197 Research Grant
BB/W000237/1 Conformational proteins to study molecular mechanisms underpinning GPVI-fibrin(ogen) interaction in blood clot propagation Co-investigator 668,617 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/L018047/1 Development of biological tools for the study and modulation of ion channels. Co-investigator 125,048 Research Grant
BB/M012573/1 Probing biomolecular interactions by combining ETD-tandem mass spectrometry with chemical footprinting methodologies. Co-investigator 341,166 Research Grant
BB/R00160X/1 Exploiting the power of heterologous expression in plants to discover new virus structure. Co-investigator 494,318 Research Grant
BB/R021929/1 Direct labelling of proteins using Affimer-conjugate warheads for imaging Principal Investigator 150,443 Research Grant
BB/R506084/1 Understanding signaling cascades Principal Investigator 98,212 Training Grants
BB/T010045/1 Technological evaluation and commercial assessment of a novel technology platform for pharmacophore generation Principal Investigator 9,306 Research Grant
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