Investigator / Supervisor details

NameProfessor Colin Johnson
Current InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
Current DepartmentSchool of Medicine
Institution website
Previous Institutions

Current Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/V003577/1 Deciphering the function of intrinsically disordered protein regions in a cellular context Co-investigator 4,267,286 Research Grant

Completed Awards

ReferenceTitleAward RoleValue £Type
BB/P007791/1 Bilateral BBSRC-SFI: Structure-function relationships in the ciliary transition zone Principal Investigator 327,411 Research Grant
BB/S019464/1 Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy (STED) for imaging at high resolution in the Biosciences Co-investigator 331,278 Research Grant
BB/V01904X/1 Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy for the Biosciences Co-investigator 651,012 Research Grant
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