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Type I interferon mediated defence in a natural gammaherpesvirus infection

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Anthony Nash
Co-Investigators /
Professor James Stewart
Institution University of Edinburgh
DepartmentVeterinary Pathology
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 342,730
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 01/01/2000
End date 01/01/2003
Duration36 months


Type I Interferon (IFN) is a major arm of the innate immune response to virus infection. Relatively little is known about the action of IFN against gammaherpesviruses, a group of viruses associated with widespread disease in man and livestock. Using murine gammaherpesvirus we plan to study virological and host factors in IFN-mediated resistance. This will include: a) use of radiation chimeras and gene KO mice to dissect the impact of IFN on virus and cellular gene expression in epithelial cells and leucocytes in infected tissues. b) the function of PKR, RNAseL, and NK cells in IFN-mediated resistance mechanisms. c) the role of IFN in B cell infection and the establishment of virus latency, and d) the significance of viral tRNA expression as a disruptor of the IFN-mediated intra- cellular defences.


Committee Closed Committee - Animal Sciences (AS)
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